Éisleker Miwwelstrooss

The 'road to furniture' in the North of Luxembourg

Ameublement Thill

Since 1919, Ameublement Thill has stood for quality and professional service. Today - almost 100 years later - we have an exhibition showroom of more than 4000 sqm and a modern industrial center of our very own in Hosingen. Discover it for a range of unique furniture brands and a bespoke custom fit

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Meubles Oestreicher

Furniture Oestreicher in Marnach offers bespoke furniture at affordable prices, appreciated by our customers since 1919. Find everything you need for indoor furnishings: curtains and drapes, as well as articles or household decoration.

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In our showrooms :

6 reasons to get on the road to furniture:

01. Accessibility

The two furniture stores are located in northern Luxembourg and are easily accessible via the N7 ("Nordstrooss"). There is no risk of traffic jams and we have large parking lots.

04. The pros of the kitchen

A great kitchen should be designed by professionals. Our 3D live designing tool offers a unique preview of your future kitchen. Also test our state-of-the-art equipment.

02. Choice

Our diverse product range has to be seen to be believed and what is more, is suitable for any budget! Furniture designers and renowned brands at Ameublements Thill, quality furniture at an average price at Furniture Oestreicher.

05. Home improvement

Let our in-house seamstress provide you with cutting curtains, flowing drapes and customized shutters. Choose from more than 10,000 textiles to suit even the most eclectic taste.

03. Carpentry

Our woodworking shop is responsive and ready to adapt to your every whim. Enjoy exploring machinery and cutting edge savoire-faire at the very forefront of technology.

06. The world of sleep

A peaceful sleep is the great universal, regardless of age or budget. Come and see our expertly defined selection of cots, beds and teen bedroom options. Discover our boxspring beds for maximum comfort.


Route de Marbourg 2 | L-9764 Marnach / CLervaux
Tel. (+352) 92 19 24 | Fax: (+352) 92 90 85
E-mail: info@meubles-oestreicher.lu


Z.A.E.R. Hosingen, Op der Héi | L-9809 Hosingen
Tel. (+352) 92 30 30 | Fax: (+352) 92 14 47
E-mail: info@thill.lu